Digi-Tally Label

Bluetooth label printing package

Allows printing of individual pipe labels to place on each joint during the tally. Hi-tack labels travel with the pipe allowing anyone to visually read the label with the joint number and length. Labels also have a barcode for use with our new Laser Tally scanning system.

Pipe Label Starter Package

Mixed origin (not controlled by Digi-Tally, may vary with production lot) HS 8443.32.1040

  • ZEBRA thermal transfer type mobile roll printer, carry strap
    • This is not the same as a standard thermal printer that you may see in the grocery store or on a desktop label maker. It uses a 2 part media system. There is the label and then a resin ribbon roll. I have been advised that this is the best for outdoor conditions. The standard thermal printed labels would not be good for the oilfield.
  • Case, ZEBRA, 5100 RESIN RIBBON, 4.33″ X 52′, 10 ROLLS PER CASE
  • Soft case:
    • 2 yr manufacturer service contract (through zebra directly… this has been advised because of the rough conditions the unit will be subjected to)
  • Digi-tally laser pipe label application (runs on laser system handheld controller)
    • Tally a row of pipe, then print out individuals labels in batches to place on the end cap of each joint. The label would include the following information:
      • Location/project name
      • ClientWell ID
      • Joint s/n
      • Joint length
      • Date
      • s/n device used to tally
    • Note that we make no guarantee as to the adhesion of the labels on the pipe. Labels with rugged adhesive will be supplied. It is always best practice whenever possible adhering labels, to provide clean surfaces.

Digi-Tally Scan

Scanning and inventory package

This scanning package includes an industrial mobile controller with embedded barcode scanner. The system permits operators to scan casing and pipe while it is being run down hole or allows pipe yards to scan and produce a tally report for tubular goods as they are being loaded on to outgoing trucks.

Mixed origin HSxxxxxxxxx

  • Joint logging system
    • Induistrial rugged mobile hand held controller with bar code reader
    • P/N DTNX4-1DGN-0-E; includes rechargable battery and AC wall charger
      • Pre loaded Pipe Log software
      • Read joint # and joint length from labels applied to pipe vis our laser pipe tally system
      • Display running joint length
      • Record joints scanned/run in hole and produce a tab delimited text file and Excel readable data file
      • Import existing tally from Digi-Tally Laser pipe tally and compare joints run to joints remaining
      • Single user license


  • DTNX4-1004 spare rechargable X4 battery pack
  • DTNX-20 carry case; black
  • DTNX4-1008 Desktop cradle with USB/Ethernet,
  • battery slot (for charging spare battery);
  • includes AC charger # DTNX4-1009