Digi-Tally, Inc. designs and produces advanced measurement tools for the energy industry to provide more accurate, reliable, and cost effective field measurement methods.

We currently offer the Digi-Tally Laser Pipe Tally System for tallying oil casing and drill pipe in the field at the job site, in a pipe yard, or in manufacturing facilities. The laser tally system provides a complete battery operated mobile field pipe tally system. The length of each pipe joint is measured using an advanced class II eye safe laser and the data is processed on a mobile field controller.

The Digi-Tally unit generally rests on the pipe with a rugged alignment support and is equipped either with our unique top thread locator (patented) for “threads-off” joint tallies or our pipe end locator for “threads on” tallies. The visible red laser spot is bright and visible on the target at the far end of the pipe.

Perform the tally, then automatically create a complete text based report that can be printed, viewed, and saved electronically for future reference. Tally data and reports can be transmitted via a PC connection or wirelessly through our cloud service.

Why use Digi-Tally over traditional methods?

Digi-Tally Laser Pipe Tally systems offer non-contact pipe tally methods which are superior to traditional methods:

  • Better accuracy
  • Better repeatability
  • Can be used over wood stripping and snow build-up
  • Automatic report generation
  • Sends data reports from the field
  • Requires less p[personnel
  • Faster cycle time
  • No mechanical moving parts to wear, stretch or break
  • Eye safe visible laser spot – visible the field
  • Users can purchase units instead of leasing

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