Pipe Tally System Reporting Options

Generating Pipe Tally Reports

The Digi-Tally Report application incorporates an auto-check routine and alerts the user of any anomalies in joint length. The bar plot of joints also provides a visual indication of length irregularities prior to generating the report.

The overall report can be provided in both printed and electronic format. The file can be printed on-site with the optional mobile Bluetooth enabled printer, saved to a USB flash drive, or transferred to a PC via USB or our cloud based wireless solution. This file can be opened in most text editors and spreadsheet applications.

A complete listing of all jobs appears on the controller. You can sort these jobs via several parameters, such as date or customer. Select the job you need to create a report for by simply clicking the radio button to the left. It is also possible to edit a job’s tally data in case an error was made during the tally.

Export tally data and Monitor tallies remotely

Users have the option of exporting the tally data after a tally session has been completed or creating a summarized report. If you would like to manipulate your own tally data or import this data into an external inventory management system, Digi-Tally provides you with capability to export the tally data as a tab delimited text based file.

This file can be exported through several means of communication:
We offer remote real-time cloud based monitoring of tally data. For more information on the benefits of our remote monitoring capabilities, please review our associated white paper #DT-100