Features & Benefits

Key benefits and unique features:

  • Reliable non-contact operation…NO moving parts, NO cables to wear, stretch, or get snagged Repeatable measurements between operators Automatic data acquisition… eliminate data recording and transcription errors Ultra-fast measurements Only one instrument needed for pipe lengths in excess 100 feet Measurement accuracy to 5/1000 feet (.005 feet)
  • Read pipe length without removing conventional stripping
  • Automatic report generation on command
  • Auto detection system alerts operators of potential length anomalies when generating reports
  • Download reports and data via Microsoft Active Sync to your PC and email the report or print to a mobile Bluetooth printer for an immediate report in the field. Reports can be used in any text editor and in most spreadsheet applications

Avoid the inaccuracy and inefficiency of Manual pipe tallies

Acquiring pipe tally measurements:

Pipe tally measurements are clearly displayed on the touch screen field controller. Operators have the ability to confirm the reading before recording the value to the current pipe tally.

The special orange target plate permits the laser spot more visible and provides a stable means of detecting the end of the joint.

In the event that an operator error is made, authorized users can manually edit a measurement or acquire a new measurement via the laser system. This can be entered manually or taken using the laser.

Job information is entered by the operator and recorded with the tally data. This information will appear on a report when created.