Company Info

Digi-Tally, Inc. designs and produces advanced measurement tools for the energy industry to provide more accurate, reliable, and cost effective  field measurement methods.  Our company was started based on a need.  Our founder realized a need for better semi-automated pipe tally methods to replace a manual tally tape.  Current alternatives did not satisfy his needs.  The first Digi-Tally system was the result of this quest.  Our products have undergone many revisions and have evolved into a rugged user friendly unit with advanced reporting features that tally crews have come to like.

laser2We currently offer the Digi-Tally Laser Pipe Tally System for tallying oil casing and drill pipe in the field at the job site, in a pipe yard, or in manufacturing facilities.  The laser tally system provides a complete battery operated mobile field  pipe tally system.  The length of each pipe joint is measured using an advanced class II eye safe laser and  the data is processed on a mobile field controller.

Digi-tally, Inc. is committed to advancing the state of measurement at the drill site and in the pipe yards.  Look for more advancements and offerings for the oil and gas industry.

Digi-tally maintains its USA offices in the states of Texas and Pennsylvania, with its corporate headquarters located in Midland, Texas.

Digi-Tally News

Digi-Tally to attend the 2018 Offshore Technology Conference in Houston, TX, April 30-May 3, 2018.

Visit us in the Arena in Booth 7429 and see the Digi-Tally system in action!